One Siam - Privilege Code

Getting code

• eVisa Thailand customers can fill in the details to receive the Promo code of each person. And to show the rights With all participating stores

Term & Condition

• 1 person / promo code, which can be used with all stores Participating in the promotion of the mall Paragon / Siam center / Siam discovery

Activity period from : 1 Feb - 28 Feb 2019 only


• 每位电子落地签的游客可填写资料获得优惠代码,向每个参与活动的商家出示代码即可获得权限


• 您可以向商场内参与优惠活动的每位商家出示优惠代码 Paragon/ Siam center / Siam discovery


One Siam - Privilege Code

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